Genesis Centrifuge is the most commonly used centrifuge for blood cell or stem cell related separations.

Since Genesis Centrifuge adopted soft spinning,quiet operation, and many other advanced functions, any kind of separation will be performed in excellent condition to give the best result.

Special features of Genesis Centrifuge

•Max. 4,000 rpm/2,700 g
• Max. 4 x 100ml, 4 microplates, or 32 vacuutaniers
• A large assortment or rotors, fixed angle or swing-out with buckets and adaptors to
take tubes from micro to 100ml
• SOFT spin key for gentle acceleration and deceleration
• Low Noise level: 52dB
• Double layered door construction (ABS/Steel), decreases heat and noise transmission
• Automatic recognition and alarms for imbalance, over-speed, and over-heat
• Program memory – up to 10 programs
• Time controls for timed runs up to 99 minutes or continuous operation
• Bio-Caps Buckets and aerosol tight buckets prevents comtamination and ensures safety

Application areas of Genesis Centrifuge

General laboratory
Cellular materials/Blood/Urine/Sperm etc.

Clinical Application
PRP, PRF, Lipid cell separation,
stem cell isolation

Microbed containing microplates

Primary cells/Cell line etc.

Rotors of Genesis Centrifuge
Original Edition
Special Edition
Specification of Genesis Centrifuge
Max. RPM/RCF Fixed Angle 4,000 / 2,700 xg
Swing Out 4,000 / 2,774 xg
Max. Capacity Fixed Angle 16 x 15 ㎖
Swing Out 4 x 100 ㎖
Time control Timed < 100 min or contnuous
RPM/RCM Conversion Yes
Noise level(dB) ≤ 52
Acc/Dec(sec) ≤ 20 / ≤ 20
SOFT Start/Stop Yes
Program Memory 10
Imbalance cut off Yes
Safety lid lock Yes
Lid drop protection Yes
Automatic door release Yes
Power supply (V/Hz) 220 / 50~60 (110V Optional)
Power requirement (VA) 300
Dimension (W x D x H, mm) 375 x 480 x 260
Weight without rotor (Kg) 19.5
CE Mark Yes
Cat. No. GZ-416