NEO Multi Thread – Twin, Triple, Tornado Filament
Improve Deep and Fine Wrinkles

Principles of Neo Multi Thread

→ Engineered scaffolding constructs must supply structural and micro-environmental support to direct and maintain the viability of implanted progenitor.
→ PDO is a flexible synthetic, an absorbable polymer that has been used in the construction of scaffolds and suture material (PDS).

Advantages of Neo Multi Thread

Skin aging is progressed with appearance of fine wrinkles due to destroyed elastin and collagen tissue of epidermis

1. Strong Lifting Effect by Multiple Threads
→ Much stronger lifting effects than the effects of a single thread
→ High satisfaction as a lifting treatment even without cell therapy
2. Cell Therapy & Lifting
→ Combined cell therapy by injecting stem cells and/or PRP together
→ High possibility of cell viability and engraftment (Multiple threads act as scaffolds)
∴ Lifting + Cell regeneration = Maximize improvements
3. Multiple application with various cell therapy
1) ADSCs + Scaffolds + Lifting
2) PRP + Scaffolds + Lifting
3) ADSCs + PRP + Scaffolds + Lifting
4. Short procedure time
→ Less than 1 hour to complete procedures
5. Minimal Invasion
→ No pain, no fear for surgery
6. Immediate Effect
→ High patient satisfaction because of its immediate effect.

Specification of Neo Multi Thread