Product Specification

Usage/Application Diagnostic Surgery
Surface Finish Coated
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Set

Product Description

  1. Dissection, Cutting and Coagulation in a Single Device
  2. Increase Quickness and Efficiency in Surgery Minimizing the Needs to Change Instruments
  3. Same Transducer/ Hand Place for All Shape Sizes (14 cm, 23cm, 36cm)
  4. No Set Limits on Number of Uses for Transducer Detachable Cable for Easy Replacement
  5. Shears/Probes Compatible with Other Platforms
  6. Provides Saving and Creates More Value
  7. Minimal Thermal Spread
  8. Reduces Damage to Adjacent Tissue and Organs
  9. Smart Self- Test & Feedback
  10. Fully Automated Testing Audible Feedback
  11. One – Handed Activation and Rotation
  12. Makes It Easy to Use for Surgeone
  13. USA Technology
  14. Global Quality Standard (European CE certified)